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The Berlinetta comes with two 13" pneumatic tires & the Hatchback is available with an add-on wheel kit.  

The larger coops from the Mini Coop-R up to the Coop DeVille weigh a minimum of 600 pounds.  While we can incorporate wheels for these coops, they are still very difficult to move.  Another aspect to consider is that wheels with a larger coop that has a Bottom Run will leave a small gap between the ground and the run.


 The coops are shipped in partially pre-assembled panels, with all doors & windows being pre-hung.

The "Free Shipping" in the contiguous United States is a "curbside shipping," which means the common carrier (a 48' or 53' tractor/trailer) will bring the crate to your curbside.  Liftgate service is included for all standard model coops*, so the carrier will bring your coop down off of the truck, but the coop does have to be unloaded by the receiver.  The crate can simply be cut open using a utility knife.  A call ahead from the carrier is also included to make arrangements with the customer for the delivery.  * Custom sizes & upgrades can change the footprint of the crate and subsequently making liftgate service not available.  If you would like to order a custom sized coop or would like to add upgrades to your standard model coop, please call for shipping details.  

If a coop is damaged in shipment, the customer MUST sign for the coop as damaged to receive replacement parts.  Any additional documentation such as pictures of the damaged items will help expedite the claim and the shipment of your replacement parts.


We use exterior grade mahogany plywood for the walls, southern yellow pine for all the framing members & Western Red Cedar for the legs and all trim.


Reason # 1 – Chickens Love Leftovers

A chicken’s appetite is incredible. They can eat almost everything, even their own kind! You can now say bye-bye to those unwanted leftovers being left rotten in your fridge. You feel less guilty of throwing them out into the garbage can. Plus, you can save on chicken feed. But be very careful with what you give for it may be their last supper. Tone down on the onions and garlic.

Reason #2 – Eggs and Meat!

Who doesn’t love eggs? Have them boiled, scrambled, sunny side up, etc. Admit it, pets that live comfortably inside your houses don’t give anything more than barks, meows, purrs, and sometimes, chirp. Fishes, in general, can be eaten, but who would want to eat Goldie? None of these domesticated animals produce something edible. Well, chickens, on the other hand, have lots of benefits. One of the many benefits chickens give is their egg.

You can eat fresh eggs right from the source. Either raw (good for pregnant women) or cooked, eggs taken from chickens minutes or hours ago are more tasty and nutritious than those purchased in the grocery store. You’ll notice the texture and color is way different than that of the fresh ones.

Reason #3 – Source of Natural Fertilizers

Your lawn or backyard could’ve never looked better. Chickens love to freely walk around. Chickens also love to peck on anything they see that can be considered as food. And what is food to them? Possibly anything that’s organic. If you let your chickens roam around your space, you’ll find out how reliable they can be. They eat pests living in your backyard – grubs, beetles, insects, earwigs, and anything that comes close.

After the digestion has set its due, they will transform what they’ve eaten into a treasure called natural fertilizer. And you know what natural fertilizers do right? They keep the soil healthy for plants to grow.

Reason #4 – Low Maintenance Pets

Unlike dogs that need combing and brushing everyday to keep their fur alive and shiny, chickens doesn’t need such soulful treatment. All you have to do is provide them their daily needs like food and water. You also have to clean their pad at least twice a month and change the beddings too. In return, you can gather all the eggs. Aside from just gathering, you can also start a small business of your own by supplying poultry stores with fresh eggs or chicken meat.

Reason #5 – Grass and Weed Clippers

Got that right. Now you can save on mowing your own lawn by getting yourself chickens. For chickens, grasses, weeds, and leaves are treats. It’s like a lifetime dessert offering. It’s like having a cow in your own backyard. They will dig through whatever it is without even complaining about the hard work. Chickens will clip it then clean it all at the same time.

With these reasons, why bother getting yourself a dog or a cat? No offense but they can’t even water the plants nor lay eggs for breakfast. All they do is prove to their masters that they are either one’s best friends. In cases of chickens, you can have a best friend, a lawn mower, a supplier of organic fertilizer and an egg producer all in one.


This depends on the size of the coop and whether or not you are going to be able to allow the chickens out of the coop, in a run or free-ranging.

Three square feet per chicken is a fairly common rule.


This will vary by breed. There are many great websites and books dedicated to explaining each of the breeds’ characteristics.


This varies greatly as well, depending on the municipality.

Typically, if a town does allow raising chickens within city limits, there are quantity regulations and hens only regulations. Check with your local city hall for specifics.