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Martha Says

"Martha Says" is our resource for great Tips, Tricks & General Information about keeping chickens and chicken coops brought to you by one of our favorite ladies.



07.19.12:  Cooking & Baking with Farmstead Eggs



Unless egg size is specifically stated, most recipes are based on Large Eggs.  You may not have given much thought before now to the size of eggs if you've been purchasing them from grocery stores where the sizes are determined for you and stated on the carton.  

Now you have fresh farmstead eggs and you have noticed they are different sizes.  How can you tell the difference?  Is the difference really that important?  The best way to determine egg size is by weighing them on a kitchen scale.  Note:  Weigh them in the shell.  

Small Eggs are 1.5 ounces, Medium Eggs are 1.75 ounces, Large Eggs are 2.0 ounces, Extra Large Eggs are 2.25 ounces and Jumbo Eggs are 2.5 ounces.  

Does the egg size make a difference when cooking & baking?  Yes & No.  When making scrambled eggs or using them in batter, the size is not that important.  Using eggs in baking, however, is very important.  If your recipe calls for three Large Eggs, this means you need the equivalent of six ounces of eggs.  Weighing your eggs to get to the needed six ounces can be a great way to not only make sure you are using the correct amount needed, but to also utilize your Small Eggs more effectively.  Four Small Eggs are equal to three Large Eggs.  

Click the links below for information about egg sizes, freshness & other great tips!



07.10.12:  Summer is Here, So Are Many Predators


During the summer, we have the opportunity to free range more & its wonderful!  Being out and free-ranging does, however, create more opportunities for predators.  

For some great information on how to better protect us from raccoons, please check out:



06.30.12:  It's Hot Outside - How I Keep My Cool!


When my caregivers get hot, they drink extra water, juice or perhaps a drink with electrolytes. I have the same needs and love having extra water available for me during the hot summer months. Sometimes electrolytes are added to my water.  This really helps me to stay cool. It’s important to change my water twice a day when it’s hot outside.

 For more information regarding electrolyte powders, check out: